Commander's Corner



Here we are in January and wow has December gone by fast. We had our District VOD/Patriotís-Pen Banquet, and we had a winner from our post who took 3rd Place in the VOD District level congrats to Madison Cline!!! I want to thank Tom Kearney and Ladies Aux President for all the hard work they did to get our entries in from the schools and submitting them at the District Level.  Also we had the Firefighter of the year win the Gold Medal Award from our Post which won district Mr. Jeff Elhrich and he was submitted to the State Level!! I want to thank Mr. Brian Godsil our Post Judge Advocate for doing all the work he did, and getting our Gold Medal candidateís, it was a lot of work done by all. First rate job by all of you!!! Thank you for stepping up and helping us out.


The Kids Christmas Party was a great success, WOW there were a lot of kids here almost 60 kids got a present from Santa Clause man was he busy that night!!

December was also a great month to get out and see what we really do as a post as well as a Veterans Of Foreign War Organization, Roger Gowen and Frank Page went down to Tucson for the V.A. Christmas Party and that was a great success. 


Myself and the Department Commander Mike Ferguson went up north that same weekend to the Prescott VA Hospital and presented Christmas Cards as well as gifts the those Veterans that were in the Hospital during the Holiday season, and Comrades let me tell you, that is a great feeling to see the smile on their faces when we walked into their room and just talk with them it put a great big smile on their face knowing we are there for them, it really does make a difference to them as well as ourselves. So as a post we really represented ourselves throughout the state, again this is why we are the best!!!!


 Here are a few things to look forward to in January we have the state VOD/ Patriotís Pen in Tucson on the 12th and then we have the C of A on the 13th. The weekend after that will be having a Jail-A-Thon on the 19th!!! Then we have a District meeting on the 20th down in Casa Grande so there is always something going on!!!! I also want to thank our Volunteers who come in and help us where ever we need help during the holidays.


One last note I want to send out a congratulations to Ed Karaba for winning this yearís Christmas cabinet on Christmas eve and a great big thank you to Partners in Grime, Chris and Terri for providing all the snacks on that day as well, they donated all the food as well as the Tom-n-Jerryís mix, and all the proceeds went to the Arizona VFW Charities!!!! In closing this year has been great and letís makes next year a better one, Together itís Time! so Letís make it happen


Yours in Service, DEREK, The kid

VOTING: Your service has helped protect the right to vote.  Encourage member of your community to take this civic duty seriously.  Be part of the democratic process by working the polls on election day.  Or offer a ride to the polls to someone who doesn't have transportation.

VOLUNTEERING: Pay a visit to a lonely or ailing veteran in your community to let them know they are not forgotten.  Addition service opportunities are available through the VFW Community Service Program.

GETTING INVOLVED: Remind others why we must protect and honor fellow veterans.  Participate in a parade on the next patriotic holiday or organize a visit to the graves of fallen heroes in your area.